A Tiger At Peace

My daughter lives in San Francisco.  Last year on a nice day I went to visit her for the weekend.  I told her it had been a really long time since I had gone to the San Francisco Zoo and asked if we could go.

Thankfully she is very understanding about my photo taking because we went very slowly through the grounds as I took photos.  Most of the pictures I took were just normal visitors photos.  However, I got a few that were more then just a picture.   One of those was this tiger.

I can’t remember why but the normal viewing of the tigers was closed off.  Because of that, we had to view them through a Plexiglas viewing window.  I went over to get another view and this beautiful beast was just laying there relaxing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better shot if I had asked it to pose for me.

What I found so interesting was the big red ball that was in there with it.  I had to edit it out of the photo but you can see a remnant of it above the back of the neck if you look at the full photograph.  I have cats and often I see them batting around things in the house as if they were playing soccer.  I did not picture these larger cats doing the same thing.  I wish I could have seen it playing.  However, if I had I would have not gotten this photo.  Maybe another visit.

My daughter and I walked and walked and walked all around the zoo.  All the animals we saw had large enclosures and lots of room to run around.  It must have been nap time in the cat kingdom, though.  When we got to the Lions they were all laying flat on the ground and sound asleep.  The ‘king’ was next to a couple of the females.  I am surprised that I didn’t hear them snoring.

By the time we left the zoo my feet were screaming at me.  We still had to walk back to the car.  However, I really had a nice time visiting all the animals and a wonderful time getting to visit with my daughter.

You can see this photo and others I took at the zoo in the photography section of my Etsy shop http://www.ajoyfulcreation.etsy.com


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