Oregon Creek Covered Bridge

I took the photo of this bridge a year ago.  I had heard mention of it and wanted to see it.  It is not nearly as in good of shape as the other three bridges I have seen but it probably has the strangest history to it.

The bridge, built in 1860, is located on the Oregon Creek and near the middle fork of the Yuba River in Northern California.  It is very close to Highway 49 that goes between Nevada City and Downieville.  Cars can’t drive on it but we were able to walk across it.  I took my photograph from the other side of the bridge.

I am going to do a copy and paste from Wikipedia in regards to the history because it will be easier for me and probably a little easier for you to read:

“In 1883, the failure of the English Dam far upstream on the Middle Yuba River sent a mass of water flooding downstream. The high flood waters surged upstream in Oregon Creek, lifted the bridge from its abutments and carried it away. When the flood waters subsided, the bridge was found some 50 yards below its original location. Mr. Freeman hired a logging contractor, Solon Chatfield, to return the bridge to its abutments. However, during the flood the bridge had been turned end for end and the west end of the bridge was placed on the east abutment and the east end on the west abutment as it has remained to the present time”

Basically it is saying that the bridge is turned around from the direction it was originally going.  I am surprised that it is still mostly in one piece.

There is a nice little park near the bridge.  The only people that were there last April were two young guys sleeping on top of the picnic tables.  However, I believe that in the summer months it is used more often.

Because of my love for covered bridges I plan on finding more.  A friend of mine lives in Santa Cruz, California and I know there are a few in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We have plans in the future to do some covered bridge exploring.

This photo and others that I have taken can be found in my Etsy shop at http://www.ajoyfulcreation.etsy.com


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