Majestic Multnomah Falls in Oregon

I went by myself from my friend’s house in Eugene, Oregon up to the area along the Oregon and Washington state borders in order to see this waterfall.  I had seen photos of it and knew that I wanted to go there.

Multnomah falls are on the old Columbia River Gorge highway.  I should have expected a lot of visitors since it was Memorial Day weekend.  However, I didn’t expect the amount I found.  I was so very lucky to find a parking spot.  I am thinking it was probably the very last one.

I took the short hike from the parking lot to the area by the bridge and saw that it was only a little over a mile to the top.  I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult that short hike was.  I want to say that there were 22 switchbacks on the constant uphill battle to the top.  There may not have been that many but sure felt like it.

The only reason I was able to get to the top is because of constant encouragement from people coming down the trail.  There were times I thought I might just have a heart attack.  Like an idiot I forgot my water.  It was sitting in the car.  Good place for it.  Anyways, I rested a lot and just kept plowing on.  I was playing leap frog with a few other hikers.  They would pass me while I was resting and then I would pass them when they were resting.

I finally made it to the top and was able to look down over the top of the waterfall and see the beautiful Columbia River below along with a parking lot filled with tiny little cars.  I rested up and took photos when people would ask me to.  One finally said “can I take yours?”  All I could think about was how sweaty and awful I looked but I finally said “go ahead” and handed them my camera.  Not too bad as it turned out.

The sad part was on the way down.  I had just started to head back and the park ranger made me stop.  A man had actually had a heart attack.  The paramedics were able to get to him and were carrying him down on a stretcher while they did CPR.  A group of us slowly followed behind them down the trail.  An ambulance was in the parking lot when we got there.  I found out later that he had died.

That could have been me.  I had no id with me.  I was by myself. I only had my camera, some money, my keys and my phone.  I no longer travel without an id.

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