A Stormy Day in Santa Cruz, California

I always have loved lighthouses.  In fact, lighthouses and covered bridges are two of my favorite things to see and to photograph.  This particular one is called Walden’s lighthouse and it is in Santa Cruz next to the yacht harbor.

A very good friend of mine lives near here and when I visited her on this particular time I had wanted to get photographs of the lighthouse.  Well, the weather wasn’t nice to us.  It was quite stormy.  Since, at the time we left her place it wasn’t raining, we decided to walk down there anyways.

By the time we got close to the lighthouse I decided I could really use windshield wipers on my glasses.  I am surprised I was even able to see well enough to find the lighthouse.

It was quite stormy and the waves were at a dangerous level and so they had a blockade and warning sign for people to not go any further.  I had not noticed people walking around the area of the lighthouse until I was able to look at the photos I took.  All I can say is “idiots.”  I read about people being swept off of rocks when the surf is high.  I guess some people just have a death wish.  I am not one of them and we stayed behind the blockade.

When I was able to get home and look at my photos I found that, instead of hurting the photo the weather actually helped it.  There is a misty look here.  I find it quite romantic.  However, looking at the photo I also can remember how cold I was!  Freezing with glasses I couldn’t see out of and hair that was frizzed out all over the place, we walked back to her place.

In nice weather this area is so wonderful to go to.  The sailboats are going in and out of the harbor.  A very nice restaurant called The Crow’s Nest is on the other side of the harbor.  That is my favorite to go to in Santa Cruz.

After the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami in 2011 the area wasn’t so great.  Even though it happened on the other side of the Pacific, this little yacht harbor was hit quite hard.  It has a small opening to the harbor and the tsunami waves came in and out at a consistent rate.  It ended up sinking a lot of sailboats and ripping up the moorings.  Some of the damage can be seen even today.

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