The Other Side of San Francisco

I think when most people think about San Francisco they envision the tall sky scrapers, Golden Gate and Bay Bridges and lots of hills covered with homes and buildings.

However, that is not all that San Francisco is about.  Golden Gate Park is a huge area that runs from the Pacific Ocean up to quite a ways inside of the city.  It is full of grassy areas, trees and beautiful plants and flowers.  There are also quite a few small parks in the city.

My daughter lives in San Francisco.  As I stand on her deck and look down at the yard below I see this very relaxing and wonderful area that her downstairs neighbor has created.  I could see myself sitting among the many flowers and plants as I drink a glass of wine and contemplate my life.

There are many yards like this in the City.  The homes might be bumper to bumper next to each other but behind the homes lie areas of peace and tranquility.  It is where the San Franciscan’s come home to at night after working all day.

This may sound silly but many times when I am driving through the city going to wherever I need to go, I look at the homes and wonder what they are like inside and think about whether or not they have a beautiful garden like the one in this photograph.

I have never lived in San Francisco but I grew up living about 50 miles away and now I live about 200 miles away.  However, it has always been my favorite place.  The beauty within and around the city is almost magical.  I would never want to live there because the traffic and the parking would drive me insane.  However, I really enjoy visiting and, because my daughter lives there now, I have a reason to stay over night and to explore the very interesting aspects of the city more closely.

I walked with her over to a coffee shop and drank a late from a humongous cup.  I panted as we climbed the hilly sidewalk to go back to her place.  It is special and I know why she moved there.

You can find this photograph and others in my California section of my Etsy shop


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