The Bridge in the Movie

One of my favorite movies is Hallmark’s “The Christmas Card.”  It isn’t that the acting is so wonderful or that the plot is unpredictable.  It is just a fun and romantic movie.  It probably doesn’t hurt that I live in the town that it was filmed in.  I actually bought the movie before I moved here.  It might be one of the reasons I moved.

The Christmas Card takes place in Nevada City, California.  I am sure that parts of the movie might have been filmed elsewhere but most of it was right here.

I have walked past the hotel the hero stayed in.  I have been inside the church where the main characters formally met.  I have even eaten in the cute little restaurant where the female lead accidentally ate the curly fries of the male lead.  How romantic could that be?  I am smiling when I say that because many men, and some women, are probably rolling their eyes when they read that.  Only Hallmark movies and commercials can make us weak ones sob our eyes out.

I got to find out more about the filming of the movie when I spoke with the owner of the restaurant.  I say restaurant but it is more of a cute coffee shop.  She told me that the production crew would come in and rearrange the set up of the café so they could film the scenes and then they would put it all back in time for them to open to the public.  She said that Ed Asner and the rest of the cast were really nice.  They threw a party at the end of the filming for all the towns people who helped out.

My one disappointment was when I found the bridge that was in the final scene.  They talked about a Viet Nam memorial plaque at the bridge that honored the veterans of the war.  I wanted to see it but found it was not there but was just added for the movie.  It would have been nice if it was actually there.

However, finding the beauty that was all around the bridge kind of compensated.  When I was there the wildflowers were blooming and I was able to look down and think about how beautiful the whole scene was.

The town of Nevada City is located off of Highway 20/49 in Northern California.  Highway 49 crosses this bridge.  Beautiful scenery and beautiful area!

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