Daffodils! What else do you expect from a place called Daffodil Hill?

I had heard about Daffodil Hill located somewhat near the town of Jackson in Northern California.  Many, many years I had heard about it.  This year I decided to ask a friend if she wanted to go with me to see the site before all the daffodils were gone.

I honestly didn’t expect all the other things that were on the property.  It is privately owned but opened up to the public.  They don’t ask for any admittance, just a donation if the public can do that.

Going there and seeing the beautiful site was not as easy as we thought.  I was driving and my friend, navigating.  Hmmmmmm…. I should have had her drive and me navigate.  We ended up driving and driving on this road that got more narrow as we went along.  We decided that I should turn around and I did.  However, I ended up turning around again because we kept thinking that maybe I should have driven a little longer.  We were in the middle of a ranch area.  We finally saw a lady who was jogging and she got us going back in the right direction, which was not the way we were going.

We finally got there and walked and walked. My friend loves taking photos like I do so we were both in photography heaven with all the beautiful daffodils and the great buildings.  There were also a lot of peacocks.  We were both fascinated by the Albino one.  Sadly I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

Now it was time to leave.  We finally figured out where we were and so we thought it would be a cinch going home……….. Hmmmmm, we thought.

We were going to where we lived in Nevada County and somehow ended up heading towards Stockton.   Instead of going the direction that would end up in Placerville (where we were going to eat lunch) we finally stopped to ask directions when we were in a small town called Clements.  Neither of us had ever heard of it but the give away was when we saw a sign that said Stockton 40 miles.  I think we drove about 60 miles out of our way.  The trip would have been about 180 miles round trip.

We finally had dinner instead of lunch and it was dark when we got back to our homes.  What I can say about the whole thing is that California is sure pretty when it is green in the spring.  We saw a lot of beautiful country on our out of the way trip to see daffodils.

Next time I am navigating and she is driving.

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