There is nothing like a concert on the beach in Santa Cruz!

Every year in the summer time the Santa Cruz (California) Beach Boardwalk has free concerts on Friday nights.  I look forward to seeing who is going to be performing and make a decision with friends as to which ones we will attend.

I have to fight the traffic between San Jose and Santa Cruz but it is worth it. Once there, we find the best spot that is open on the sandy beach, lay our blankets down and just relax and wait for the fun to begin.  We have been lucky with the weather and have seen more sunshine then fog.

There is a policy of no alcoholic beverages or glass containers on the beach.  Well, we are all older ‘baby boomers’ and surely they are not referring to us!  However, we still kind of sneak in the wine and beer.  It is a challenge to have one of us watching the beach guards walking around and making sure they are not near us while the other one is trying to open a bottle of wine.  Then there is always the pouring of the beverage from the wine bottle in to the clear plastic cup and not having anyone see us.  I keep telling my friend to get colored cups and maybe a container (a thermos would be nice) to put the wine in ahead of time but she insists on doing it the way we have been.

Now that we have our alcoholic beverages in our cups and we are casually sipping the refreshing liquid, we are ready for the concert.

However, sometimes it doesn’t work out quite the way we want.  I am thinking of the time that it was kind of chilly out and I was drinking a cup of cold beer.  It was supposed to go in my mouth but somehow or other the whole thing went in my lap.  So, here I am sitting on my beach chair with soaking wet jeans.  I was able to keep some of the cold off of me by covering up with a blanket.  However, I was very concerned about when I had to get up and walk when the concert was over.  I am sure it looked like I wet my pants.

Most of the time we have an event free evening and just relax, listen to the concert and watch the sail boats.   One of these days I would like to be on one of the boats and listening to the fun music from off shore.

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