Genoa, Home of the Oldest Bar in the state of Nevada

When I was doing a very bad craft show in Reno a number of years ago, two very nice ladies talked to me about the Candy Dance Craft Faire in the small town of Genoa, Nevada. I had never heard of Genoa much less the Candy Dance even though the craft show has been going on since 1919.

Genoa is the oldest settlement (established in 1851) and has the oldest bar in Nevada.  This is rather ironic since it was originally mostly a Mormon settlement.  The town lies right off of Highway 395 near the towns of Minden and Gardnerville.  It is really a cute little area settled up against the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Until I took this photo I had only been in Genoa to do the craft show. In that one weekend in September, the whole town becomes the faire.  I’ve tried walking around to see some of the old homes and buildings but because of all the booth activity I couldn’t really get any good photographs.

I was with a friend on a business trip at Lake Tahoe and I asked if we could take some time to drive down to Genoa.  It was so nice to actually walk around and see all the historic sites without having anything besides people and cars around.

We went over to the small area of Mormon Station state park and found many historical items including a covered wagon and this old wagon in my photograph.

I actually got to go in to the old bar and have a beer.  The place smelled of history with the old wooden floors, tables and bar. I don’t know if it was packed with the locals or tourists or both but in and around the bar the place was jumping with activity.

This blog is going to be short and sweet (kind of) but if you are in the area, please come visit my craft booth at the yellow house on September 26 and 27, 2015.  Be prepared for a lot of walking and possibly shopping at the Candy Dance and, while there, take a peek at this town and its history.

To see this photo and others look in my photographs section in my Etsy shop


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